Fishing used to be the ancient and traditional craft Maldives. Local residents are the unbeatable fishermen and the fishing secrets are carefully passed down from generation to generation. Guest house “Kuri Inn” offers you multiple ways of Maldivian fishing.

Maldivian fishing is a great adventure not only for the experience fisherman but for the beginners as well. You will spend unforgettable hours of hunting for exotic fish with a matured fisherman, who will instruct and share the experience with you. At your request, the catch can be cooked by the chief –  on one of the uninhabited islands, or on the patio of our guesthouse.

Reef fish full day and sunset fishing on a live bate

This type of fishing happens from a big wooden dhoni with a maximal capacity of 8-10 persons. Starts at 5:30 am up to 6:00 pm.

First the boat moves inside the atoll to catch the bate fish then the boat stops on thila (20+ m depth) a little outside of the atoll boarders and the line gets dropped. The line lenght is aproximately 120 m but inside the water will be kept only 40-45 meters.

Its a long whole or half day fishing. If the bate fish (live fish) is left from the day fishing , possible to use it for a sunset fishing. But in this case the boat won’t go  far from the island.

Possible catch: Reef fish (red, yellow stripped snapper, grouper, jackfish, trevally, trigger fish, rainbowrunner, jobfish).

Trolling fishing for a big catch (blue marlin, sailfish)

Fishing starts at 5:30 am up to 10:30 am or in the afternoon from 14:30 till 18:00 by big wooden fishing dhoni equipped for a big fish catch. After a live fish bait catching the dhoni moves far outside of the atoll into blue water to find big size fish as blue marlin (seasonal) and sailfish. Fishing line should be very strong with a powerful wheel.

Yellowfin tuna fishing on a big fishing boat

The fisherman team arrives on fishing boat late evening or during the night when the boat comes inside the atoll to catch the bait fish.  Bait fish catching happens during the night and early morning the boat goes far outside the atoll where the yellowfin tuna big fishing starts. The fishing tools requested to have by own, it won`t be possible to rent on the boat.

Its a 1.5 day exciting adventure fishing in a real conditions with matured maldivian fishing crew. End of the day the fishing boat goes back inside the atoll where the visitors will be taken by speed boat back to the island.